Lancaster County Community Center (aka Barr Street) kicked off the first year of its science, technology, engineering, arts, and math camp by engaging middle school students in STEM careers through reading and personal experience.

With resources from the Springs-Close Foundation and the Lancaster County Community Center, the camp was open to middle schoolers from Lancaster County Schools. The camp took place at the Lancaster County Community Center (aka Barr Street). The camp offered two sessions in the month of June.

This is the first year that the LCCC has offered camps for middle school students. Middle school students are often overlooked for summer learning activities even though they are forming career aspirations at this age. The camp used books, activities, and role models to spark students’ interest in careers of the future. These activities will help them make informed decisions about their class choices and empower them with the skillsets to succeed – wherever their adult lives take them.

Instructor, Shirnetha Belk used books such as:

Science – How Does My Home Work? and Magic Trash

Technology and Engineering – Who Was Steve Jobs? and Maya Lin Artist –Architect of Light & Lines

Art: Drum Dream Girl; To Be an Artist

Math: The Girl With a Mind for Math; How Much is a Million?

Volunteers shared real job experiences by exposing students to things they’ve never heard about. Hopefully, the experiences will give students a positive opinion of math and science so that they will be interested in STEM careers.

Each two-week camp cost $50 per student. Scholarships were offered. For more information, call (803) 287-5518 or email