“The Lancaster County Community Center brings back good memories for a generation of people!”

Jerry Witherspoon, LCCC Board Member

Our History

The Lancaster County Community Center (LCCC) was incorporated under the laws of the State of South Carolina as an eleemosynary corporation on August 3, 1961. The Center has a 501c3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service. The LCCC was established in 1963 when local business and community leaders came together to develop a central hub dedicated to meeting the human service needs of a growing African-American community. Throughout the Center’s history, it has reinvented itself to respond to the changing needs and conditions in the community. In its early years, the Center was a safe place for African-American youth to seek shelter, receive guidance and marketable skill development. Gradually, it became an extension of programs for the Barr Street High School and later, Barr Street Middle Schools that were located directly across the street; the LCCC became a venue for diverse civic events and social service programs and served as a neutral home for numerous community leaders, educators, and students.

Our Present

Today, the Lancaster County Community Center addresses the needs of children, youth, families, and elders by partnering with organizations that provide education and skill building, and social opportunities for individuals of all ages. A new board has been in operation for more than two years and has made many changes to update the LCCC. The primary service areas are education, cultural, health, wellness and human services. Through collaborative initiatives with programs such as the Girl Scouts and AARP, the LCCC continues to enhance the quality of life for its members and local families within the vicinity. With an increased focus of community engagement, the Center hopes to expand its existing services and develop strategies to reach new audiences.