Who Is the LCCC?


To enhance the positive quality of individual, family, and community by working within the community to contribute, facilitate, and promote solutions for the enrichment of all.


The Lancaster County Community Center will work with community representatives and organizations to establish a resource center that will serve as a pipeline for families who live in the Lancaster County Community Center service area.

Vision (where the organization is headed):

  • The Lancaster County Community Center (aka. Barr Street) is a credible, respected, and effective organization that has its vision:
  • To be the “hub/beacon” of the community, bringing together the surrounding communities it serves through churches, volunteers. organizations, and families who work together to advance and improve the education and skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing society.
  • For the history and legacy of the Center to be known throughout the City and surrounding communities so that we can feel pride in the effort put forth by our ancestors to achieve the goals of the Lancaster County Community Center (aka. Barr Street).
  • To provide a place where folks can feel safe and at home to engage in social activities and learning opportunities for all groups.
  • To be known as the place where forums and educational opportunities are held to address social and community concerns.


The Lancaster County Community Center (aka. Barr Street) is important to this community because:

  • We need to know our past to ensure our future. Citizens need to be enlightened about maintaining a part of their past that at one time was a place they could meet, socialize, and enjoy each other. Keeping this Center viable will ensure its legacy.
  • The Center can offer our children roots and stability-a sense of heritage. Working with folks who were brought up in this Community Center area, watching their growth and dedication, has made me want our children to have the same desire and strength to excel (in life).
  • The Center can serve as a place to come together (bringing unity and respect) to find solutions to problems that exist within our community.
  • The LCCC is important because people need large spaces for events and programs. They need to have a trusted place for “know how” information.
  • The LCCC is important as a place to motivate those who have been left behind in education and skills; those who need to feel comfortable about themselves.